EcoRight is an initiative borne out of Norquest Brands Private Limited. Norquest has been making cotton and jute bags for various promotional agencies, hotels, brands across the world – since the year 2002. We are extremely good with bulk production and have an organization of highly charged, eco conscious individuals working everyday in making bags that will save the world.

If you’re looking for a great giveaway for your workplace, or as a promotional/gift item – you’re at the right place. Cotton/jute bags are one of the most economical advertising options. No one ever throws away such a good looking bag! And every time the person uses the bag, they’re a walking billboard for you (how’s that for marketing ROI!)

We’ll try and preempt a few questions for you –

What kind of bags do you make?

Anything at all! We’ve been doing this for a very long time, we’ve probably made every kind of cotton bag/accessory there is to make. Try us out!

If you like our designs and want to order the bags on the website in bulk – we can do it.

If you like our designs, but want to add your logo to the bags – absolutely can do.

If you want to submit your own designs, and a different looking bag – yes, absolutely.

What is the minimum/maximum order required?

Minimum – we don’t have any minimum order quantities. The larger your order, the better the rates because of the benefit of scale.

Maximum – ha! Does anyone ask Superman the maximum number of people he can save? We’ve done orders that go up till a million bags. No order is too big!

What are the prices per bag?

That totally depends on what bags you want and what designs you’re looking for. The more the bags the better the prices.

If you still have any other queries or you’d like us to send you a quote – please write to us at and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer quality, quick turnaround times and making a difference to our planet. Give us a shot at making your next event a success, we promise you’ll walk away delighted! Join us in ‘Saving Our Planet, One Bag at a Time’.