Hi there!

We at EcoRight are passionate about making the world a better place to live in. We’re starting with taking a small step in ridding this world from plastic. Plastic is horrible. No really. You can look at why here

All EcoRight bags are made from 100% natural fibres, eco-friendly dyes, are chemical free and can hold more than 10kg of weight (way more than a plastic bag). Also, our manufacturing units are among the handful worldwide that are ethically certified (you can read about it here).

Our designs are sourced from environmentally-conscious designers around the world. We have lawyers, students, graphic designers, sales managers across 3 continents sending us their designs! Want to design for us? Write to us at info@ecorightbags.com

Oh and we’ve been doing this for a while! EcoRight Bags is an initiative by Norquest Brands Pvt. Ltd. that is a home grown Indian Company deeply committed to making our world a better place to live in. Norquest has been making eco-friendly products for the last 14 years, working with brands all across the world. As a B2B business, our bags have already helped cut down millions of plastic bags across 28 countries.

Take one of our bags home, let us know what you think. And above all, don’t use plastic – the world is choking, and it is up to us to stop it. While what we do is a small step in ridding the world of plastic, we recognize the huge community working towards saving our planet. So we donate 1% of all profits from EcoRight bags to saving the environment.

Join us in Saving Our Planet, One Bag at a Time.

Kanika Sood

The design and legal advisor for EcoRight. Kanika works closely with the design community in translating her passion for getting rid of plastic and saving the world into designs you would like. By virtue of being a 5th year law student at NLU Jodhpur training to be an environmental lawyer she also advises EcoRight on all things legal. She’s been brought up in a household where plastic is evil. Her favourite animals are snakes and other creepy crawlies. She loves dogs as much as she hates plastic.  She’s often found trawling through Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram. You can also reach her at kanika@ecorightbags.com

Kaajal Badlani

Director at Norquest Bags Private Limited, Kaajal heads the sales and marketing for the company. She has been a crusader for the environment since she was 5 years old. She’s the reason, her dad, Rajiv Badlani (co-founder of Norquest Brands) became such an advocate of reducing plastic and started Norquest with Sanjiv Sood. A great animal lover, when she’s not talking to people around the world to reduce plastic, you can find her curled up with a nice book. Her home is a library to all friends and family (dare you to find a book she doesn’t have). A prolific photographer – you can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or on kaajal@norquestbrands.com

Sanjiv Sood

The CEO of EcoRight bags. He is also the Co-founder & CEO of Norquest Brands Pvt Ltd (the parent company of EcoRight). Sanjiv founded Norquest Brands with Rajiv Badlani – an internet-based startup (15 years ago!) before startups were fashionable! Today, he spends all his time and money in making products that are better for the environment. He loves dogs and cannot see the only planet you can find them on getting ruined. He’s also an engineer from IIT Bombay, though he proudly calls himself a tailor for the environment. You can find him on Facebook or on sanjiv@ecorightbags.com

Udit Sood

Son of above Sanjiv Sood, Udit heads marketing and business development at EcoRight. Udit is passionate about dogs, books and TV. His life goal is to be like this guy – the man who looks after 735 dogs. Udit is an MBA from IIM Calcutta and prior to EcoRight was Associate Vice President at Zomato. He’s previously also worked with Hindustan Unilever and the Tata Administrative Services. You can find him on social media here – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or at udit@ecorightbags.com